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Definition of WEB 1.0 2.0

Web 1.0 is the first generation of the World Wide Web, the most important factor of Web 1.0 is to center around a top-down approach to the use of the web and its user interface which the user can only view the webpages but can not edit or make any contribution to the content of the webpages. According to Cormode, G. and Krishnamurthy, B. (2008): “”content creators were few in Web 1.0 with the vast majority of users simply acting as consumers of content.”

Web 2.0 is a latest version of the World Wide Web, it doesn’t refer to update to any technical specification, but rather to cumulative changes in the ways of software developers and end-users use the Web. With Web 2.0 site, it allows users to cooperate with others and be able to create a virtual community. Blogs, wikis, video sharing sites are good examples for Web 2.0 sites.

Security Issue with using social medianetwork to communicate as an organisation

Relying on internet also have a big security risks. Hackers are attracted to social networking sites because they see the potential to commit fraud and launch spam and malware attacks. Having a infected computer in a organization can cause a big problem due to others computers might get infected and huge amount of data or information that store inside the company’s computer might be loss or used by others.

Increase productivity by using social media to facilitate communication

Most of executive team knows social media is a tool now for building brand reputation and connecting with world.

Nowadays, many companies are using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter… as well as internal networks such as Microsoft Communicator and Central Desktop to have a better control over the companies and also help the company to get faster respond regarding to their competitors.

Also, by using the company’s intranet, it can create a better environment for stakeholders to participate in some projects and be able to understand and get notice of the overall company’s vision and goals.

It can provide an on-demand access for employees to perform more effective in their roles because they can access data and information as they need without time and geographic limitation.

Cook’s 4Cs

When people start to talk about 4Cs we can think of the following four approach: Communication, Connection, Cooperation and Collaboration.

Communication is a way of connecting with others, which can be achieved by messaging, video calling, emailing and so on.

Cooperated company allows people to use their licensed software and share with others. For example, most of the opensource software is free to use and their users can be able to see the internal codes and modify the software or even establish the same software.

Collaboration encourages people to come together as a team and work with others to accomplish specific projects or solve specific problems and tasks.

Connection. Nowadays, people can use network to associate with others or sharing information.

In my point of view, I think these 4Cs are really important and really helpful within an organization. In 21st Century, teamwork can attain the fastest, most effective, and precise products and services to be able to take one step ahead to their competitors. Also the connection within organization is really important and effective, video conference can help a lot of organization to connect others in difference geographic areas.

Adavantages and disactanges about social media to facilitage communication

“Social media is not just a platform for easy and simple advanced online marketing, it is also the revolution of our century!”

We can all figure out some specific field of advantages, such as increasing communication within the organization, allowing employees to discuss ideas, provide wider business ideas, target larger clients, improve business reputation and increase the market campaigns and expands market research, as well as disadvantages, such as security risks, online scams, negative comments. And we all know, most of the advantages and disadvantages are based on the platform itself, features it provided and the organization itself.